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SEALED BID AEPA #017   10/05/2016 
Design Services for the East Pasco Fleet/Transit Facility   10/05/2016 
Boat Ramp and Floating Dock Improvements   09/20/2016 
Emergency Medical Services Delinquent Account Collection Services   09/20/2016 
ROOFING PROJECT   09/16/2016 
16-041 Port Warehouse 1 Modification   09/13/2016 
CEI Services for Thomas Drive Pedestrian Facilities Ph VI   09/12/2016 
16-025 ITB - Construction of Restroom Facilities   09/08/2016 
Clean & Water Seal Water & Sewer Administration Bldg.   09/07/2016 
Baker Landfill Truck Scale   09/07/2016 
Supply and Delivery of Clean Fill Dirt   09/07/2016 
Belt Filter Press Maintenance - Annual Award   09/07/2016 
Compressed Gas Cylinder Rental, Continuing Services   09/07/2016 
Bypass Pumps Rental, Annual Award   09/06/2016 
Dual Check Valves Change Out Program (Labor Only) - Annual Award   09/06/2016 
As-Needed Gravity Sewer Collection System Repair Services   09/06/2016 
Sale of Real Property (Pilgrim Court)   09/06/2016 
Sale of Real Property   09/06/2016 
Backflow Installation and Testing Services   09/02/2016 
Rehabilitation of Mainline Sewers   09/02/2016 
16-017 ITB - Installation of Lift Station   09/01/2016 
Portable Toilets Rental Services, Continuing Supply   09/01/2016 
Fencing for the Okaloosa Technical College   09/01/2016 
Travel Management and Authorization Program   09/01/2016 

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