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15-C00079/TKB Caribbean Drive Culvert Reconstruction   05/06/2015 
15-C00080/TKB Spring Hill Drive @ Galgano Culvert Reconstruction   05/06/2015 
High Performance Animal Food   05/05/2015 
15-R00082/TKB Water and Sewer Utility Consultants   04/30/2015 
Janitorial Services   04/29/2015 
Security and Access Control Systems Inspection and Maintenance   04/29/2015 
Maintenance Svcs for Passenger Loading Bridges, Baggage Handling   04/29/2015 
15-C00073/TKB NW Solid Waste New Storage Building Addition   04/29/2015 
15-C00074/TKB NW Solid Waste Scalehouse Building   04/29/2015 
Concrete Paver Walkway at the Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport   04/29/2015 
Checked Baggage Screening Project   04/29/2015 
Pool Resurfacing   04/28/2015 
Bell Lake Road Safety Improvements   04/28/2015 
15-027 Gov't St Regioinal Stormwater Pond at Corinne Jones Park   04/23/2015 
15-T00078/BH Mulch Hauling   04/22/2015 
ITB-RJ-15-T00026/RJ Elevator Maintenance and Repair   04/22/2015 
15-C00016/TKB HCUD Administration Building, Fuel Island, Turn Lane   04/22/2015 
Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd and Greens Acres Rd Rehabililtation   04/22/2015 
Breakfast and Lunch Entrees   04/22/2015 
Scotts Ferry Road Improvements Project   04/20/2015 
Food Trays for School Cafeterias   04/17/2015 
15-025 Dev. Opportunity at Corner of 9th Avenue & East Romana St   04/16/2015 
Purchase As Needed and Ongoing Sod-Annual Award   04/15/2015 
Purchase Pull Behind Vacuum and Blow Machine per Specifications   04/15/2015 
Cafeteria Equipment   04/15/2015 

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