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Chancey Road Extension   07/14/2015 
RFP#15-43BK: Roof Inspect,Install, Maintain and Repair Services   06/30/2015 
15-015 Temporary Employee Services   06/30/2015 
Shady Hills Reclaim Water Storage Tank and Piping Improvements Pro   06/30/2015 
Arlington Park Pedestrian Bridge   06/26/2015 
Ad Agency Compliance Audit   06/25/2015 
Group Flexible Benefits Plan Administrator   06/25/2015 
15-030 Gov't St Regioinal Stormwater Pond at Corinne Jones Park   06/25/2015 
Fire Retardant Uniform Rental - Annual Award   06/23/2015 
As Needed Paint and Painting Supplies - Annual Award   06/23/2015 
Oils and Lubrications, Annual Award   06/19/2015 
45 Ton Crane Rental Services - Annual Award   06/19/2015 
Utilities Document Management and Retrieval Development Assistance   06/19/2015 
HTH Chlorine Granules, Annual Award   06/19/2015 
Supply and Deliver - Coarse Solar Salt - Annual Award   06/19/2015 
Aerosol Cleaners and Lubes - Annual Award   06/18/2015 
#57 Crushed Stone-Annual Award   06/18/2015 
Pick-Up, Recycle or Disposal of Propane & Misc. Tanks-Annual Award   06/18/2015 
Janitorial Services , Annual Award   06/18/2015 
Water Quality Analysis - Annual Award   06/18/2015 
Fixed Price Fence Bid   06/18/2015 
Sodium Hydroxide 50% aka Caustic Soda   06/17/2015 
Polyaluminum Chloride - Annual Award   06/17/2015 
Power Sweep and Vacuum Services - Annual Award   06/17/2015 

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