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ITB-RJ-15-T00003/RJ FUEL-DIESEL AND UNLEADED   02/04/2015 
Seven SpringsGC and CC Reclaimed Water Pond   02/03/2015 
15-C00042/TKB US 19 Fiber Optic Extension and Fiber Optic System   01/28/2015 
15-009 Prof. Construction Mgr-At-Risk Svcs GMP for VTA MRO Hangar   01/22/2015 
15-C00034/TKB Peach Orchard Rd. Dust Control Paving   01/21/2015 
Golf Course Lease   01/21/2015 
Tractor and A-Type Boom Mower   01/20/2015 
Drainage Pipe Repair   01/20/2015 
Telecommunication Services for Wide Area Network (WAN)   01/20/2015 
Internet Services   01/20/2015 
15-C00041/TKB Croom Rd. and Nobleton-Croom Rd. Asphalt Paving   01/14/2015 
15-CG0007/TKB County Line Road Force Main/Spring Hill Pump Station   01/14/2015 
15-007 Construct Natural Gas Pipeline Intracoastal Waterway   01/14/2015 
1/2-Ton Pickup Truck (4x4) Long Bed   01/13/2015 
Various 1-Ton and 1.5-Ton Trucks w/Utility Bodies   01/13/2015 
Fire Suppression System Replacement   01/13/2015 
ITB 15-002 - Purchase One (1) 60KW Emergency Standby Generator   01/13/2015 
Six Pipe Replacement Projects   01/13/2015 
Remove Existing Roof and Install New Roof   01/09/2015 
VMWARE Software and Support   01/09/2015 
Fruits & Vegetables – Frozen, Canned & Packaged   01/09/2015 
Pensacola International Airport Passenger Arrival Exit Lane   01/08/2015 
15-CG0014/TKB Spring Hill Drive Sidewalks - Kass to Kass   01/07/2015 
15-C00038/TKB Dan Brown Hill Road Surface Treatment   01/07/2015 
15-CG0012/TKB Shoal Line Boulevard South Bike Lane/Sidewalk   01/07/2015 

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