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Sale of Real Property (Odessa)   12/06/2016 
17-CG0004 Shoal Line Blvd. North Sidewalks   11/30/2016 
17-CG0003 Shoal Line S Bike Ln & Sidewalk (Re-Bid of 15-CG00012)   11/30/2016 
SPREADER TRUCKS   11/29/2016 
Roadway Safety Improvements (Lake Patience Road)   11/29/2016 
RFP # 16-37BK: Turf Maintenance & Lot Clearing/ Mowing Services   11/22/2016 
Non-Exclusive Operation of Food and Beverage Concession   11/17/2016 
16-039 Constructn Engineerg & Insp. Svcs - Ferry Landing/As Needed   11/17/2016 
DIESEL OFF ROAD ATV (4X4)   11/15/2016 
Waterproofing & Sealing at the WPJC   11/15/2016 
Sale of Real Property (Lacoochee)   11/15/2016 
Timber Oaks Golf Course Regional Ponds   11/15/2016 
Ongoing Generator Maintenance & Repair Services   11/14/2016 
System Expansion and Improvement- Independent Engineering Services   11/11/2016 
Solid Waste & Recyclables Collection, Transfer, and Processing   11/10/2016 
17-002 Gaberonne Swamp Stormwtr PBWI Spanish Trail Retention Pond   11/10/2016 
RFP-TB-16-094 Landscape Maintenance Services (County-wide)   11/10/2016 
Musical Instruments   11/10/2016 
Debris & Noxiuos Materials Removal, Mowing/Property Cleanup-AA   11/10/2016 
Disposition Services for Unclaimed Deceased Persons   11/09/2016 
17-001 Bill Gregory Park Regional Stormwater Treatment Facility   11/09/2016 
Bread For Direct Delivery to School Cafeterias   11/09/2016 
MOTOR GRADER   11/08/2016 
Programmed Maintenance Pavement Rehabilitation   11/08/2016 

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